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We are a group of passionate environmental stewards of our public forests. We advocate for responsible and ecologically minded forestry practices on our public lands.  Since climate change is an “existential threat” we must protect and preserve our intact public forests so that they can continue to sequester carbon, provide habitat, clean our air and water and help to mitigate temperature increases due to climate change.

The only way we can achieve NJ’s GWRA 2050 targets is if we work together in protecting and persevering our NJ forests.  Logging public lands runs counter to effective and scientifically based climate action goals and destroys the habitat of the species who are currently present. 


Here’s our Board Members-


Founder and Executive Director-  S. Solaun

Ms. Solaun has more than 30 years of experience in sales in multiple industries, including; office technology, medical diagnostics/pharmaceutical and natural products. As an award-winning sales executive and environmental steward, Ms. Solaun became active in NJ’s environmental community in 2015 when faced with the Forest Stewardship Plan (logging plan) for Sparta Mountain. Represented in the picture by the Red-shouldered hawk, a NJ State Endangered forest interior dependent species that has been negatively impacted by the logging in places like Sparta Mountain WMA in NJ, she often is the voice of the species that require the intact forests to be un-fragmented. She is an active member of the NJ Highlands Coalition as well as the Natural Heritage committee. She has a B.S. from Boston University in International Relations and a minor in Business and holds a Masters degree in Human Nutrition.

Vice PresidentKenneth Dolsky

Ken Dolsky has more than 30 years of experience across a wide spectrum of disciplines in the telecommunications industry. Starting in 2014 Ken became very active in environmental causes. He played a leading role in helping towns across Northern NJ stop a proposed oil pipeline and similarly helped towns and other environmental organizations stop two new gas-fired power plants in Hudson County. As a member of the Parsippany Green Team he is leading the effort to implement a Renewable –Government Energy Aggregation program in the town. Ken is also a member of the steering committee of the recently formed EmpowerNJ coalition as well as the NJ Highlands Coalition.  He is an active member of the NJHCO Natural Heritage committee. Ken has a B.S. from Rutgers College in Physics and a Masters in Management Science from Steven’s Institute.


Treasurer- D. Stillinger
Co-Founder and Secretary- K. Evans

NE Forest Watch- G. Ayers
Advisory Board-

Dr. Joan Maloff, Of the Old Growth Forest Network and author of  “Nature’s Temples“, “Among the Ancients“, “Teaching the Trees” The Living Forest“,” Treepedia“, just to name a few.

Leslie Sauer, Wildlife Restoration Expert and Author of the “The Once and Future Forest”.






NE Forest Watch, INC  dba in NJ as “NJ Forest Watch” is a  non-profit organization 501c3 in the state of NJ. Our Tax ID is EIN #86-2854672.  If you donate to our cause, your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. No goods or services were received by the donor in exchange for this donation.


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