Areas logged


Areas logged since 2011

Map of Cuts

Cuts on Sparta Mountain since 2011

Aerial photos taken April 2016

Just north of Edison Bog, by the lookout (2 photos)

Edison Bog North seed tree cut

Seed tree cut just north of Edison Bog. Bog is at bottom, lookout in white above that, and the cut is above that. Beaver Lake is at top left.

Edison Bog North cut

Edison Bog lookout in white on the left, Beaver Lake upper right

Ridge Road Cut (3 photos)

Ridge Road Cut 1

Multiple small seed tree cuts on both sides of a power line cut. Pre-existing dirt roads are shown.

Ridge Road Cut 2Ridge Road Cut 3

By Collins Pond (2 photos)

Collins Pond Cut 1

Collins Pond at upper left; one tree remains in middle (look for the shadow)

Collins Pond Cut 2

NJ Audubon property cut

NJ Audubon property cut

Seed tree cut very close to headwaters of Russia Brook, a category 1 stream. The Highlands Act requires 300 foot buffers from all waters, but forest stewardship plans are exempt.

Northwest of Edison Bog (2 photos)

Edison Bog Northwest Cut 1

A shelterwood cut on a peak northwest of Edison Bog (just west of the Edison Bog North cut). Shelterwood cuts take 50% of the trees initially, then the remaining 50% later.

Edison Bog Northwest Cut

photo credits: Beaver Lake resident JP Endress

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