Scientific arguments debunking purported benefits of logging

Summary of Science Debate Issues in NJ Forest Watch (NJFW) Response to NJFTF Final Report

There are at least ten key science-based issues surrounding climate change mitigation, logging, wood removal, habitat and fire prevention issues which the task force discussed but never resolved. Below is link to a download that debunks the mistruths the promoters of logging use in favor of a “managed” or “logged forest.”

The ten areas to be discussed are:

  1. Young Forest Initiative (YFI)
  2. Bird Habitats
  3. Carbon Storage and Sequestration – Young vs. Old Forests
  4. Forest Regeneration
  5. Proforestation
  6. Removal of Wood from the Forest
  7. Thinning for Fire Protection
  8. Carbon Storage in Wood Products
  9. Effectiveness of Afforestation and Reforestation
  10. Logging to Reduce Leakage (reducing logging in other states)

It is imperative that the members of the legislature and their staffs who will create legislation as well as members of the public have at least a high-level understanding of these topics. Therefore, we have provided a short tutorial on the positions and arguments of both sides on these key science topics below.

One really important reference in the document below is: . Forest-clearing to create early-successional habitats: Questionable benefits, significant costs. Kellett, M. J., Maloof, J. E., Masino, S. A., Frelich, L. E., Faison, E. K., Brosi, S. L., and Foster, D. R. (2023) Front. For. Glob. Change.

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