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Introduction to the Environmental Problems

3/23/16: Logging public preserves is a misguided plan
Sara Webb, PhD and Sharon Wander, PhD, Bernardsville News

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2017 and past

12/22/17: State seeks input on plans for Stokes State Forest
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

5/11/17: State hears vocal opposition on Sparta Mountain
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

5/10/17: Final Sparta Mountain plan met with dozens of concerns
Erika Norton, Sparta Independent

5/10/17: Tempers short at public airing of Sparta Mountain plan
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

3/8/17: Harsh words from Sparta Mountain plans opponents
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

2/28/17: Lesniak’s bill would prevent logging on Sparta Mountain
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

2/8/17: ‘Stop the Chop’: Opposition to Sparta Mountain plan continues
Erika Norton, The Sparta Independent

1/29/17: Sparta Mountain plan divides environmental groups
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

TV Coverage

04/27/2016: Residents Set to Battle State Over the Future of Sparta Mountain

04/21/2016; Sparta Mountain forest plan angers environmental advocates
News 12 NJ

Other Recent Press

01/16/2016: Happy  for support of  Highlands Act
Lynn Dubnoff, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

6/4/2017: Live Video: Democratic state Assembly candidates debate
NJ Herald (Sparta Mountain question begins at 45 minutes into the video)

5/14/17: Sparta Mountain debate comes to an end, maybe
Editorial Board, Our Opinion, NJ Herald

4/25/17: Nightmare of Sparta Mountain Logging
Bob Califano, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

3/19/17: Logging companies get rich at public’s expense
Joel Dubnoff, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

3/5/17: Reasons to oppose logging on Sparta Mountain
Steven Opresnick, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

3/1/17: Sparta Mountain logging plan makes no sense
Silvia Solaun, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

2/28/17: Battle against logging NJ Highlands picks up powerful ally
Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight

2/26/17: What about real stewardship for Sparta Mountain?
Alana Steib, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

2/22/17: Stewardship I’d Support
Alana Steib, letter to the editor, The Advertiser-News

2/21/17: Ecologists know it’s not about ‘forest stewardship’ on Sparta Mt.
Friends of Sparta Mountain, letter to the editor, The Township Journal

2/13/17: Letter: Logging has negative impact on Sparta Mountain
Friends of Sparta Mountain, The Sparta Independent

1/10/17: Friends of Sparta Mountain to hold public meeting
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

1/8/17: Stop clear-cutting plan on Sparta Mountain
Greg Gorman, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

1/4/17: Stewardship it ain’t
Greg Gorman, letter to the editor, The Advertiser News and West Milford Messenger

11/15/16: Work continues on Sparta Mountain project
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

10/13/16: Sierra Club begins fundraising to fight Sparta Mountain plan
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

9/26/16: Hike explores Sparta Mountain plans
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

9/2/16: Sierra Club says Sparta Mountain agreement keeps info from public
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

8/26/16: Sparta Mountain work could begin this winter
Bruce Scruton, NJ Herald

8/18/16: Sparta Mountain plan has big flaw
Greg Gorman, letter to the editor, NJ Herald

6/29/16: A plan to log a New Jersey wilderness preserve divides environmentalists
Emily Gertz, Takepart

6/15/16: Nothing clear-cut about Sparta Mountain logging controversy
Mark Di Ionno, The Star-Ledger

6/11/16: Plan to clear NJ forest land divides environmentalists
James O’Neill, The Record

5/13/16: Logging pits environmental groups against each other in Jefferson
Jane Primerano, The Record


02/02/2016: NJ Herald, Letter to the Editor by Greg Gorman, NJ Sierra Club Conservation Chair

The Daily Record, Letter to the Editor by Diane Wilson

02/24/2016: The Advertiser News, Sparta Mountain Backlash by Erika Norton

03/29/2016: EnviroPolitics Blog, Christie’s shifting of open-space funds unconstitutional? by James M. O’Neill

03/31/2016: NJ Herald, Our Opinion, Listening to All Views on Sparta Mountain Plan

03/31/2016: NJ Herald, Your Opinion by Sue Dorward, Rutgers Environmental Steward

04/14/2016:  NJ Herald, Our Opinion, Listening to those who spoke on state’s plan for Sparta Mountain


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