Announcing NJ Forest Watch!

As the logging plan for Sparta Mountain WMA sets a precedent for the rest of the state, Save Sparta Mountain is transitioning to protecting forests statewide. We are excited to announce that we are now associated with NJ Forest Watch, which is modeled after Massachusetts Forest Watch. Stay tuned for more information about this developing partnership!

Stop the Choppers are keeping an eye out for logging trucks on Sparta Mountain. Logging may resume without notice as early as November 2018. One of the areas slated for logging is just west of Summit Lake in stand 33. A second area is in the northern portion of Stand 18 (southwest of Lake Tamarack, southeast of Beaver Lake). See the map. If you see something, say something! (Email  Check back here for updates.

Huge thanks to the over 3,500 people who have already signed the petition! Please continue to sign and share it!


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