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The State of New Jersey wants to sell out the Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area to commercial loggers, hunters and other private interests. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

Under the guise of a “forest stewardship plan,” State bureaucrats are trying to raise money by permitting clear cutting, herbicidal and fire use and the degradation of our water supply and other natural resources in our public open spaces.

Sparta Mountain, like many other public open spaces, is home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species. This bogus plan would cause irreparable damage to the complex wetland systems and C1 trout streams assigned the highest classification in the State.

The Highlands region, which includes the Sparta Mountains, also provides the drinking water to over 70% of ALL NJ residents. This plan sells out our New Jersey’s public lands and parks which belong to all of us and are held in the public trust. They must not be sold to the highest bidder.

Don’t let State bureaucrats destroy our forests, endanger our water supply and decrease our property values.  Help stop commercial logging on Sparta Mountain before it’s too late!

ACTION PETITION FOR: We, the undersigned, as concerned citizens, urge our elected officials (local, state, and federal) to act now to stop the DEVASTATION of our cherished Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area. We call for them to prohibit commercial clear cutting, herbicidal and fire use and the degradation of our water supply and other natural resources in our public open spaces by requiring the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to ABANDON the proposed 10-year Forest Stewardship Plan for SMWMA and amend bills S768 and A1505.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • State Senator
    Steven Oroho
  • State Representative
    Gail Phoebus
  • State Representative
    F. Parker Space



    • Hi Terre! We hope that you will be able to attend our upcoming Stop the Chop town hall meeting on 1/26 at 7pm at the Franklin Firehouse. See https://www.savespartamountain.org for more info and to register for the event. We’ll have Stop the Chop lawn signs and t-shirts for you to pick up at the meeting. Thanks for your support, and spread the word!

  2. Michele Guttenberger

    When I support Green Acres I never thought it would give permission to commercial logging by our Government.

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