We saved over 9 acres on the recent Stand 18 cut on Sparta Mountain

Below is the revised stand map on Stand 18. Notice the new black boundary.  Because of all of our hard work and your support we have saved about 9.2 acres! The original proposed cut called for 18.5 acres to be cut.  The 9.3 acres where tree removal occurred was done by “modified seed-tree” treatment or by “clearcut”.   The green areas are areas where the trees were left standing. (This is an important addition to this Stand) These new “green patches” also happen to be in areas of rocky, steep ledges and provide “no treatment” patches.  A vernal pool that was near the cut, now has a much larger buffer, to protect further these very important ecosystems.  So in the end we were also able to protect the habitat of some Special Concern Plant Species that are found on Sparta Mountain, near Stand 18.

In 2004,  the Highlands Act was enacted and it was enacted to safeguard NJ’s water supply to over 70% of the State.  Over 6.2 Million NJ residents rely on the Highlands Region’s forests to provide them with clean, filtered water. Our elected officials back then, had the wisdom and foresight to protect our water by protecting the forests of the Highlands. We need to remind our elected officials that NJ residents will not subsidize the destruction of our forests,  and water supply that we have paid for!  These logging plans are not about “conservation”!  This is DEFORESTATION!  It’s Happening Right Here in the State of New Jersey!

This High Conservation Value Forest in the Highlands Region needs YOUR HELP to permanently call for a “Cease and Desist” of ANY further logging activities. We need your help in spreading our petition below.

Please Sign and Share our Petition . Get Involved in Helping our group continue to work with numerous Ph.D. ecologists who agree that areas like Sparta Mountain should not be clearcut, but be preserved as a healthy forest.  Consider donating to our cause, through our  501C3 fiscal sponsor- The NJHighlands Coalition( go to the Donate tab and earmark your donation in the memo section: NJ FOREST  WATCH) Find us on Twitter and FB and follow the #StopTheChopNJ   If you have any questions please email us at friendsofspartamountain@gmail.com