Tell Governor Murphy and the NJDEP No more logging of our Public Lands!

NJ Forest Watch Encourages a Moratorium on Logging of

Our NJ Public Forests!

Sparta Mountain once again has been marked for logging, and this time it is in a “Natural Heritage Priority Site”!  An area deemed of great ecological resource value, and yet the Division of Fish & Wildlife want to log it!  Unbelievable!

Governor Murphy is running for a second term. He has stated that “Climate Change is an Existential Threat”. Then WHY is he allowing the NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife to continue to log our best healthiest forests- even, High Conservation Value Forests– like on Sparta Mountain?  

This runs counter to ALL good Climate Science and goals to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG)  emissions by 2050.  The 2018 NJ report on Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory states that NJ forests sequester approximately 8% of total GHG emissions in the state.  If the state continues to log and clear-cut our NJ public forests, the state will not make its goal to increase that percentage to 10% by 2050!

So now that we got your attention, about the logging that’s happening on all NJ Public Lands- What can you do?

Our group, NJ Forest Watch/Friends of Sparta Mountain, has been working for over 51/2 years with many other environmental groups on the protection and preservation of our NJ Public Forests.  We are now asking the public to get further involved, as our NJ Forests are being cut down by our own DEP, Division of Fish and Wildlife, and their private partners, including NJ Audubon Society (not a chapter of National Audubon). These logging activities run counter to any good climate science and threaten our future. Below are some actionable items that you can do today. Be a part of the solution! Thank you for your support!

FIRST OF ALL, CALL Gov. Murphy M-F 9-5 pm at (609) 292-6000
as we are asking for a moratorium on the logging of our NJ Public Lands!

and Write an email to the Governor at

and Write to DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette at

• NJ should not be allowing the logging of public lands by the DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife. Our forests provide NJ residents with clean air and, water, prevent stormwater runoff and sequester carbon.
• Over 70% of NJ’s population and a large sector of NJ’s industry rely on the intact, contiguous canopied Highlands forest for the production of a plentiful supply of clean water. Because this forest is so efficient at producing clean water, NJ has the fourth-lowest cost of water in the nation!
• More than 6.2 million NJ Residents, including the cities of Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Montclair, Newark, etc., rely on the Highlands Forests for potable drinking water. Logging destroys the ecological values this forest provides, including water resource values.
• Governor Murphy’s 2050 climate initiatives will never be accomplished until we protect and preserve our Highland and Pineland forests from clear-cutting. These forests must remain intact and must be allowed to mature to sequester the most carbon.
• The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPPC) has stated, “…the carbon mitigation benefits of reducing deforestation are greater than the benefits of afforestation”(tree planting & reforestation). Source: IPCC Executive Summary on Forestry p543

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